Friday, July 28, 2017

“Like Bonnie & Clyde” by Thomas Dybdahl – A Song Review

     After a meditative downtempo intro, “Like Bonnie & Clyde” has the feel of starcrafts periodically interacting with a mothership that is relentlessly travelling at high speed toward its destination. The image of the mothership comes from the lead vocals and percussion, which are determined, powerful, and energetically consistent. On the other hand, the starcrafts are the features that travel into the song, but withdraw after making an impact.

     The infectious energy and the lead vocals initially draw attention to “Like Bonnie & Clyde.” After many listens, the shorter term features (the “starcrafts”) insure that the song by Thomas Dybdahl will withstand the test of time. In fact, it’s worthwhile listening to the song with a focus on these features. Among our favorites are the guitar “surges,” the piano that performs an increasingly apparent role during the last minute, and the different approaches to backing vocals.

     Thomas Dybdahl is a guitarist, singer/songwriter from Sandnes, Norway. Quoting content from SubmitHub:
  “As a self-confessed control freak, it wasn’t a realisation that came easily to Thomas Dybdahl. At the end of last year, letting go meant boarding a plane from his native Norway to Los Angeles with no clear idea of the record he was about to make or any prior friendship with most of the musicians awaiting his arrival. Over the course of a solo career stretching back eleven years, Dybdahl had very much done things his way: hand-picking his favourite musicians and establishing a rapport, all the better to tease out the hushed, soulful grain of a voice that has become something of a national treasure in his own country. All that began to change in 2011, when Dybdahl attracted the attention of legendary American producer Larry Klein. It’s perhaps not too hard to see what prompted Klein to sign Dybdahl to his own Strange Cargo imprint. Having acted as a foil to Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux and Melody Gardot, Klein must have surely seen something of all these artists in the intuitive sensuality of Dybdahl’s approach.”

     “Like Bonnie & Clyde” by Thomas Dybdahl 

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