Monday, July 3, 2017

“Reset in Colour” by LOYAL – A Song Review

    The message of “Rest in Colour” is a unifying passenger in a professionally polished, high performance vehicle. “You won’t find us hiding, and you will find us rising.” LOYAL married an event-motived message to its skills in providing collaborated backing vocals within the electronic genre.

     Loyal is the UK collective of Beth Molly Moore, Alex Cowan, Jimmy Day and Laurence Allen. While identifying the inspiration behind “Rest in Colour,” the band stated:
  This song was first inspired by the mass shooting in Orlando and the vote to leave Europe which happened weeks apart, it felt like 'literally' the colours of both the individual and the many were being undermined - as if unity and acceptance were things we were leaving behind. Metaphorically it feels like our own individual colours - our aura we project to the world by the way we feel, think, love and express - were now being dimmed. As the song now airs it's even more relevant with recent events in the UK and elsewhere. Although born out of despair this song is about finding hope, strength and unity in one another, no longer hiding from our uniqueness but rising with it and letting our colours burst into the light! 

     “Reset in Colour” by LOYAL 

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