Thursday, July 6, 2017

“Get What You Give” by The Curious Incident – A Song Review

     The Curious Incident seamlessly blended diverse tempos, instrumental approaches, and vocal stylings into a track that, by itself, justifies the price of seeing the band in a live setting. After a short intro, “Get What You Give” is dynamic and energetic.

     “Get What You Give” carries the illusion of a relay race, with the driving force based on who is currently holding the baton. There are supporting instruments during the intro, but the whistling has control of the baton. The first exchange is at the 0:26 mark, when the percussion (kick drum, almost certainly) takes possession with a low frequency pulse that overshadows strong vocals. Twenty-three seconds later, a Caribbean beat with region-appropriate backing vocals takes the hand-off. It isn’t until just after the two-minute mark that the instruments step back and allow the vocals to run almost unfettered.

     The members of The Curious Incident are Kairo (vocals, guitar, keys) and Diaz (drums, sampling). They are based in the UK, although they are originally from South Africa (Kairo) and Indonesia (Diaz). 
     “Get What You Give” by The Curious Incident 

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