Monday, July 31, 2017

“Here’s To You” by Nieves – A Song Review

     Our observation is that the song mixing in Scotland favors the guitar. A “normal” number of guitars in a song can approach the wall-of-sound effect. Vocals, percussion and other features receive the attention they are due, but the guitars rule the kingdom. “Here’s To You” is another example of the guitar emphasis. At the three-minute mark, the guitars aren’t expected to do anything demanding and would typically merely support the vocals. Instead, the song from Nieves sounds as though the singer is melodically shouting over the guitars.
     We enjoy the Scottish style of emphasizing the guitars. In the track “Here’s To You,” the piano deservedly receives the same preferential treatment.

     Neives is based in Glasgow. The four members are Brendan Dafters (vocals, guitar), Herre de Leur (piano), Martin Murray (guitar), and Ross Forsyth (drums). 
     “Here’s To You” by Nieves 

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