Friday, March 30, 2018

“Embrace” by Samuel J – A Song Review

     The selection of a marimba to accompany the positive message of “Embrace” is intelligent and revealing. The resonance of the instrument melds with that of the message to enrich the impact. The marimba is not typically heard in releases from artists based in the U.S., but Samuel J’s exposure to music from other regions of the world is atypical. He has performed at European festivals and has explored the Brazilian music circuit, where he spent much of five years.

     In describing “Embrace,” Samuel J stated, “The song was written in honor of all those things we have to Embrace in life, those things that are unavoidable that we have to go through, in order to grow and come Into The Light …” “Embrace” is not his first song in which the lyrics reflect a belief in the unifying power of music.  Samuel J has even performed at the Dalai Lama’s 70th birthday celebration.

     The Facebook page of Samuel J indicates that he is currently based in Santa Monica, California (and that his surname is Tellam). He is the vocalist and composer of his music. He will use a Loop Pedal for solo performances, but also makes appearances with his band collective, THE LIVING REVOLUTION.

“Embrace” by Samuel J

     Quoting the Soundcloud content for “Embrace:”
  In preparation for the release of his album and life's best works, ‘Into the Light,’ Samuel J debuted his encouraging new single ‘Embrace.’ The track embodies luminescence and possesses an infectious melody that will resonate with every listener’s ear. The soulful and uplifting lyrics create the perfect vehicle for his polished and feathery vocals. ‘Embrace. is now available for download and streaming on your favorite digital music platform.
  Samuel J has successfully toured with many artists including Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Jurassic 5 and more. He has collaborated with sponsors in leading surf brands like Mormaii, Alma Surf and 69 Slam. As a well-known singer-songwriter, composer and producer within the music industry, this has allowed him to use his platform to discuss and engage in world issues that he holds dear to his heart. He regularly contributes to the conservation world through affiliations with Sea Shepherd, Ocean Care, Save The Children and World Peace One. Through his music and open discussion with his audience, Samuel J hopes to bring optimism, clarity and consciousness to his listeners, enabling them to contribute the world in a positive and productive way.

Released March 30, 2018
Flemming Vilbo Hansen (producer and mixing)
Arjang Shishegar (producer and mixing)
Artwork Amazing Benidigital

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