Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Videos Deserving Attention

     This post features videos that should be given attention because of a combination of the audio and visual enjoyments. 

      “Traveling Song” is a track from Blended Brew from Copenhagen, Denmark. The song and the animation comprise the main meal and the harmonica at the outro is dessert. They are Jimmy Månsson (vocals, guitar), Mikkel Toustrup (guitar), Lord Sebastian Groset (piano, organ, blues harp), Christoffer Beck (drums), and Mathias Jørgensen (bass). 

     A March 2nd post included the lyrics and our praise of “Fear of Missing Out” by Ben Talmi (CLICK HERE to visit the earlier post). The video is a performance of Talmi's “ode to the modern anxieties brought on by our relationship with technology and its effects on our interactions with each other in the modern world.”   

     The video for “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” provides more sights into the performance skills and personalities of Lauren Ruth Ward and her bandmates. The song was featured in a previous post (CLICK HERE, if interested).

     Julien Baker performed “Turn Out The Lights” on late night television. That was around the time of her visit to The Fillmore in San Francisco (picture included). Indie Obsessive is obsessed with the music from Baker.

Julien Baker at The Fillmore
     At the 2017 Outside Lands Festival, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers joined Lorde for Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” The word the seems appropriate is “endearing.” 

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