Monday, March 12, 2018

"Mt. Joy" - Another Strong Mt. Joy Release

     In 1974 a band released a self-titled album that included a self-titled single. It is not a common occurrence. Each of the three “Bad Company” aspects became a musical force. We are hoping that the same occurs in 2018, with the Mt. Joy release of their self-titled album and single. As another connection to the early ‘70s, the single refers to being unstoppable - “feel like Ziggy Stardust.”

     Mt. Joy is from Philadelphia, not far from Mount Joy in Valley Forge National Park, Pennsylvania. At least one source indicates that the band has relocated to Los Angeles. This week, they are in Austin, Texas for SXSW.

     The intro for the single “Mt. Joy” includes a well-crafted cooperation of guitars, as crystalline lead guitar dances atop a lower frequency platform, until a brief surge leads to the vocals. The vocals have a Folksy feel that carries a sense of vulnerability. In 2012, The Lumineers performed at Café Du Nord in San Francisco and the attendees at the small venue consider it an experience that will be difficult to match. The Lumineers exploded shortly after that visit. Well, Mt. Joy will visit Café Du Nord on April 3. It would be best to brace for another explosion.

     The members of Mt. Joy are Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar), Sam Cooper (guitar), Michael Byrnes (bass), Sotiris Eliopoulos (drums), and Terrance Mack (keys).  

Lyrics of “Mt. Joy” by Mt. Joy
There he stands on a dirt road
The sunlight on the clean clothes
Stare forever for all the pinches together
Mountains fall into the sea
Oh, if I built the frame and gave you my name
Would you wander forever with me?

And drive way up over Mt. Joy
Where everyone's free now
To move how they feel now

She blames Brooklyn for hand me downs
She wakes up in her parents' house
And I got the curse of quivering youth
Tell the truth
All we really need's the love in this room
And I open my lips to tell her she's the anchor, I'm a sailor
We're lost in the height of the wave
Every wave remind me why I feel this way

And drive way up over Mt. Joy
Where everyone's free now
To move how they feel now

Your feet on the festival grounds
They can't stop us, feel like Ziggy Stardust
Cause they can't stop us, feel like Ziggy Stardust

And I dreamed you felt it too
And I dreamed it all came true
[Repeat 3x]


They can't stop us, feel like Ziggy Stardust

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