Monday, March 26, 2018

“Settle” by ARLO – A Song Review

     Some vocalists are able to wrap a listener in an emotion, as though covered by a cloak that brings sensitivity and a sense of shared experience. ARLO has that capability. In the track “Settle,” ARLO tailors the cloak from an admission of vulnerability and a soulful plea for an explanation.  

     ARLO states, “'Settle’ is about doing everything in your power to be loved or wanted. It's full of desperation and hopelessness. It's my most vulnerable moment on record. We all want to be loved by somebody one day. This is real heartbreak filled with real rejection, something I think most people can relate to."

     Similar to “Shake The Room” and other earlier singles from ARLO, “Settle” can be identified as an Electro Soul song with Pop sensibilities. But “Settle” has a greater reliance on piano and a minimalist approach. It is an arrangement that works well for “Settle.”

      After attending Goldsmith University (London), ARLO moved to Harlem for two years. The songwriter/vocalist has returned to the UK and is deservedly becoming a force. 

     “Settle” by ARLO 

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