Tuesday, March 27, 2018

“Show Me The Way” by Suzi Island – A Song Review

     “Show Me The Way” reflects a sophistication in the expression of youthful exuberance. The song is the debut track from a pair of 19-year-old musicians in Brighton, UK. The instrumental support is assembled in the early portion and intelligently varied throughout the body of the song, including a temporary dismantling that begins around the 2:30 mark. Thus, “Show Me The Way” modestly begins with relatively calm vocals and guitar support, until aggressive percussion enters fourteen seconds into the track. Slightly later, the vocals shift and then the support is fully assembled at 0:45 – but only briefly.  

     Suzi Island is Hugh Reilly-Smith and Matthew Carter. The pair played in bands together prior to moving from Andover to Bristol  to study music. During performances, they are joined by Carlie Randall-Smith and Harvey Norman. “Show Me The Way” was produced and mixed by Pete Robertson of the Vaccines.

     We briefly wondered is the duo felt a connection to the year 1975, when Peter Frampton released a less energetic “Show Me The Way” and Suzi Quatro was in her prime. Alas, it is mere coincidence.

     “Show Me The Way” by Suzi Island 

     This 22-second teaser for the song shows the Suzi Island in performance. 

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