Saturday, March 3, 2018

The NPR Offer – 100 Free Songs (2018)

          100 Free Songs?!! Yes, each year NPR selects songs from 100 artists headed to Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW). The collection is intended to provide a preview. The strength of the collection varies from one year to the next, but the download is always worthwhile and appreciated. A complete list is included in this post. To the credit of NPR many genres are represented.

     There are four options in listening to the music.
        1. Steam the songs via the NPR One app - CLICK HERE.
        2. Steam the songs using Spotify - CLICKHERE.
       3. Until March 31, the 100 songs can be downloaded in a bulk ZIP file. The link to the ZIP filse is available at CLICK HERE.
        4. Until March 31, download individual songs from the same site included in Option 3 - CLICK HERE.

     Here are two "Fire" related singles from the collection. The first has strong male/female harmonization and the second is by an Australian band that will visit San Francisco (Bottom of the Hill) in May.

     "Fire" by Special Explosion 

     "What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out" by Gang Of Youths

2018 SXSW Austin 100 (thank you NPR)
  1. 5748 km by Lisa LeBlanc
  2. Come Meh Way by Sudan Archives
  3. Whatever Brings You Peace Of Mind by Nassau
  4. Blushing by Hater
  5. Quick by Tank And The Bangas
  6. Moments Passed by Dermot Kennedy
  7. Only A Child by Gracie And Rachel
  8. The Trace by Invoke
  9. Fire by Special Explosion
  10. Sunlight Daze by Mimicking Birds
  11.  Up From Below by Remember Sports
  12.  Fulani by Alsarah & The Nubatones
  13.  Country by Porches
  14.  Where's My Love by SYML
  15.  Your Dog by Soccer Mommy
  16.  U.S.Gay by Sons Of An Illustrious Father
  17.  Velvet Noose by Thunderpussy
  18.  Kill it Yourself by Jess Ribeiro
  19.  Whatever Forever by Sego
  20.  To Me by Trupa Trupa
  21.  Out There by Lomelda
  22.  Bridges by Aisha Badru
  23.  Smile by Durand Jones & The Indications
  24.  Miss It Still by Plastic Picnic
  25.  Napo'o Ka La by Makana
  26.  LoveGoes by Kemba
  27.  The Philosopher by Ezra Collective
  28.  Paranoia by Katie Von Schleicher
  29.  The Hype by Shopping
  30.  Sight Beyond The Line by HEX
  31.  The Storm by Collapsing Stars
  32.  Follow Me by The Shacks
  33.  Fear by Current Joys
  34.  I Don't Know You by The Marias
  35.  Night Shift by Lucy Dacus
  36.  Good Woman by Jade Bird
  37.  Slow Rider by Cuddle Magic
  38.  Tailwhip by Men I Trust
  39.  Old Town by Say Sue Me
  40.  Robert Frost by Mal Blum
  41.  Everybody Wants To Be Famous by Superorganism
  42.  planet dust by alexalone
  43.  Kindness Of Strangers by Courtney Marie Andrews
  44.  Which Is To Say, Everything by Many Rooms
  45.  If After All by Common Holly
  46.  Body Of Mine by Liz Brasher
  47.  Get In My Car by BRONCHO
  48.  Capture by Thunder Dreamer
  49.  Never Look Back by Field Report
  50.  Had It All by Hembree
  51.  Thinning by Snail Mail
  52.  Fight For It by Lucy Spraggan
  53.  Coup d'epee by Corridor
  54.  Solar Pilgrim by Twain
  55.  Push (prod. Janspot J) by Melat
  56.  Acetone by Vundabar
  57.  Turntable by Dead Horses
  58.  Heaven I Know by Gordi
  59.  Comfort Zone by Partner
  60.  Se Que Soy by Amara La Negra
  61.  Decide by Mauno
  62.  Jacaranda (prod. Dubbel Dutch) by Bad Gyal
  63.  GM by Ratboys
  64.  Sexus Plexus Nexus by Pierre Kwenders
  65.  What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out by Gang Of Youths
  66.  Double Ferrari by Double Ferrari
  67.  Sincere by Doe
  68.  O'Lawd Oye by Nailah Blackman
  69.  Lil' Thing by Knox Fortune
  70.  Wishing Girl by Lola Marsh
  71.  Sheep by Mt Joy
  72.  Are We There Yet by Theodore
  73.  Lingua Franca by Casper Skulls
  74.  Islands by Jackie Mendoza
  75.  Lost Kingdoms by Nubya Garcia
  76.  Tunnels, Pt. 2 by Joshua Burnside
  77.  Artificial by Moaning
  78.  Body Love by IDER
  79.  About You by G Flip
  80.  Riffborn by Wo Fat
  81.  Delete by Love Moor & Suaze
  82.  Petal by Hovvdy
  83.  Dia D by Gato Preto
  84.  Glass Jar by Tristen
  85.  Intuition by WebsterX
  86.  dumb phone by Stove
  87.  G.O.A.T. by Princess Nokia
  88.  Heavenly by Pale Waves
  89.  Baby Luv by Nilufer Yanya
  90.  Better by Mallrat
  91.  I've Got You Now by Nick Wayne
  92.  Cannonball! by Buck Meek
  93.  Tea-Soaked Letter by Anna Burch
  94.  Long Way Down by Becca Mancari
  95.  Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx
  96.  R.A.D. Moves by Kady Rain
  97.  Records by Lilly Hiatt
  98.  This City by Adrian Daniel
  99.  Graveside Invocation by Spirit Adrift
  100.  Sure by Hatchie

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