Sunday, March 18, 2018

“The Wire” by Saltwater Sun – A Song Review

     Since the band’s visit to Indie Obsessive almost two ago, Saltwater Sun has signed with Hand In Hive. It is well deserved, as clearly evidenced by the forceful vocals, driving percussion, and soundscape guitar in their latest release, “The Wire.”

     The song is a reflection of the band’s perception of our times. According to Saltwater Sun, “Recently I think we’ve found ourselves part of a society divided by misinformation and distrust. ‘The Wire’ is taking a look at the turbulent times we live in; the world’s never been so connected, yet it’s very easy to feel detached.”

     Thus, the lyrics of “The Wire” explain:
Apathy’s the rage
A symptom of our age
And living out our days
Observers, not the actors

There seems of late
A currency of hate
I could do my very worst
Choose my words and make them hurt
Get the final blow in first
Whatever gets the win

     Saltwater Sun is Jen Stearnes (vocals), Joel Neale (guitar), Dan Kingham (guitar), Rob Carter (bass), and Ben Chandler (drums).

     “The Wire” by Saltwater Sun 

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