Monday, March 5, 2018

Vinyl Station – A Band Review

     The three songs uploaded by Vinyl Station to Soundcloud show that the band excels in the use of surges. The songs also showcase the band’s vocal strengths and their preference for “clean” guitar.

     Our favorite track from Vinyl Station changes almost daily. Today, it’s surge-heavy “Why Do You Wait?”. There are two crescendos that are similar in most aspects, but the executions easily distinguish the two. The first is guitar-driven and percussion-supported. It is recognizable as an energy surge at 2:46, as attention is drawn to a guitar hook. After a brief, attractive vocal break, the crescendo repeats but with percussion leading the way. Even when the guitars step up again, our focus remains with the drums. Thus, this surge is more percussion-driven and guitar-supported.
      The song “Revolution” becomes exceptional at the four-minute mark. The vocals are featured atop quick-twitch guitar that begins soaring (4:35) briefly before the vocals follow with a soar of their own.
     “Here Comes Your Ghost” is perhaps the Vinyl Station track with the greatest radio appeal. At the start, the vocals have a hint of Coldplay. The song soon heads in its own direction, but only after that first impression has a grip on the listener’s attention.

     Vinyl Station is a four-member band in Phoenix, Arizona. They are Matthew Thornton (vocals, guitar, drum), Brendon Cottrell (vocals, guitar, keys), Sturgis Waters (guitar), and Roy Cameron (drums). They are preparing to release their debut album in 2018, via Dustimmoff Records.

          “Why Do You Wait?”


          “Here Comes Your Ghost”

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