Friday, July 20, 2018

“Hard To Find” by County Line Runner

      “Hard To Find” is a story of compassion punctuated by wisdom – “Love is hard to find, but it’s harder to leave.” It’s not the only interesting line within the lyrics, but it is the most insightful. The song from County Line Runner involves a friend who is in an emotional struggle after a relationship breakup. 

     “Hard to Find” has a feel of being a gradual crescendo, as instruments are periodically intensified or introduced (the Soundcloud waveform does have a slight slope). Our favorite instrument entrance occurs at 2:49, when a Robert Smith/Cure guitar is initially heard.

      The track was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and produced by Bill Ryder-Jones. County Line Runner is the moniker of Adam Day. The bio states that Day created County Line Runner alongside long-term friend Sam Baldwin.

Lyrics of “Hard To Find” by County Line Runner
When you’re feeling
Too soon to run
And you don’t
Think you can quit
And you’ve untangled
All of your thoughts
And you still
Don’t make sense of it

When you’re hurting
The ones you love best
And nothing
Is getting through
Would you say
Or do those things
If they
Were somebody new?

Now I’m comin’
Comin’ up to see ya
I never heard
You sound so low
I picture you
Just down in London
Just surrounded
By her ghost

You’ll go out
Of your mind
Just tryin’ to find
What they need

And I know
You’re thinking of her
‘Cos it’s knocked you
Off of your feet

Love is hard
To find
But it’s harder to leave

It’s harder to leave                    
Harder to leave
It’s harder to leave

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