Wednesday, July 25, 2018

“(Screw All Of It) Live Our Lives” by Hamster feat. Tosh – A Song Feature

      The song is a “genre-buster” in the sense that blogs that normally don’t feature tracks in the genre jump at the opportunity to make an exception. “(Screw All Of It) Live Our Lives” is outside our area of expertise, but we recognize praiseworthy music.

      The song is from Hamster and features Tosh. It is an anthem wrapped in infectious energy. The accent in the vocals indicate otherwise, but they are both based in Los Angeles. Hamster is an LA-based DJ and music producer, while Tosh is singer/songwriter Tasha Gilbreath. Hamster’s explanation for his moniker – “The name is inspired by the illusion of moving forward rapidly only to discover you’re stuck in the proverbial hamster wheel.”

     “(Screw All Of It) Live Our Lives” by Hamster feat. Tosh 

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