Thursday, July 19, 2018

“The Scar Runs Deep” by TheMightySmall – A Song Feature

     Because they were both aided by technological advancements, performance one-man bands have evolved almost as much as the preferred media for music consumption. Gone are the days of 8-track tapes and their successor – compact cassettes. And gone are the days in which the term "performance one-man band" conjured up a mental picture of a street artist carrying an array of musical instruments attached to his/her body so that movements of different body parts controlled different instruments. Today, musicians employ live-looping and processing effects to sequentially add layers and texture. “Old school” one-man bands are still appreciated, since their skills are difficult to achieve. “Modern” one-man bands are also a difficult craft; the difference is in the entertainment behind recordings. Technological advances allow a musician to generate a multi-instrument, highly textured recording of a four-minute song that has nearly as much enjoyment value as the live performance.

     TheMightySmall is a strong example. He is Paolo Morena and his latest release is “The Scar Runs Deep.” The single touches a number of genres, but is most attached to the Blues. Lyrically, the song is a political lament. Instrumentally, the bass draws the early attention, while the passionate guitar carries much of “The Scar Runs Deep.” Almost every song we feature includes a band member who is accomplished in playing the guitar. Far fewer have the ability to effectively communicate emotion through the instrument. TheMightySmall possesses that ability.

     While referring to “The Scar Runs Deep,” Paolo explained:
  “I loved producing this track, it reaches back years and has given me the opportunity to rip into guitar and enjoy a good riff. I wanted to beat something political with my verses so think of the lyric as a kind of looped rant about the erosion of our rights and the illusion of freedom. I wanted this to be a thank you for all the continued support and especially as its been a while since my last album.”

     TheMightySmall is based in Chelmsford, UK.

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