Sunday, July 8, 2018

“My Kind of Blue” by Matias Malagardis – A Song Feature

     Matias Malagardis was born in Madrid, Spain, but carries the vocal/writer characteristics of a Folk performer who is a native of the UK. Fittingly, he has relocated to Brighton, UK,

     Quoting his Facebook page:
  Madrid-born Matias Malagardis is a 19-year old singer songwriter, who walks in the footsteps of Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and Novo Amor, with his mellow, melodic, acoustic-pop songs. In love with the surf culture, his music is highly influenced by the feelings and peace the sea transmits. His songs are calming and emotive, compelling you to sit down and listen: “Why don’t you leave, the city where you’ve died, come find me at the line, where the two blues meet” – Matias Malagardis.

     “My Kind of Blue” by Matias Malagardis


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