Tuesday, September 11, 2018

“City Escape” by Lost Cousins – A Song Feature

      “City Escape” firmly nudged us in the direction of the tour schedule of Lost Cousins. Initially, it wasn’t too difficult to remain patient. But as the number of best-seen-live features continued to climb, we needed to know more about the band and its upcoming tour dates.

     The start of “City Escape” skillfully delivers on a developing-texture approach. After an energetic guitar riff completes its fade-in and establishes residence in the upper frequencies, the bass lays a low-frequency foundation. Twenty seconds into the song, the percussion makes its argument for equal attention. So, how does “City Escape” use the resulting texture? It drops the guitar riff and cues the vocals. On paper, that doesn’t appear wise. In execution, it works well, particularly since the guitar regularly resurfaces.

      Still, the most attractive slice of “City Escape” doesn’t begin until the 2:45 mark, when dream-state vocals deliver the listener at the door of a texture wonderland. Lost Cousins holds skills in multiple dimensions and showcases those skills during “City Escape.”

      "City Escape is about a relationship that spans two different cities," the band explains. "It speaks to feeling trapped within a certain space and routine, and finding solace in another person's day-to-day. The lyrics reminisce on time spent in unfamiliar new places, and how this experience can feel like an escape from reality."
     The reference to spanning two cities a is a possible explanation of the song’s artwork, which shows New York’s Central Park through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

      Lost Cousins is a Canadian Psych Rock band from Kingston, Ontario. The members are Cam Duffin (drums), Lloyd McArton (guitar, saxophone), Thomas Dashney (keyboards), and Dylan Cantlon Hay (bass). The have two dates on their tour schedule:
Oct 19 – Halifax, NS – Halifax Pop Explosion Festival
Oct 23 – New York, NY – Berlin

     “City Escape” by Lost Cousins 

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