Wednesday, September 12, 2018

“Too Lucky” by Leebone Phillips – A Song Feature

     “Too Lucky” is a Zen elder walking with the masses in mainstream clothing with modest, attractive features that don’t draw immediate attention. It is only after engaging that you recognize the sophistication and insightfulness.

     The track from Leebone Phillips explores free will, fate and religion. But like the misleadingly dressed Zen elder, the existential messaging of “Too Lucky” is understated, even though the single begins, “I’ve been lucky too long, one of these days something is bound to go wrong.” The message is not a pessimistic one; it is more a statement that we need to take charge of our lives.

     The sophistication of the lyrics is masked by the simplicity of the melodic wrapper. The percussion in particular is basic. Sure there are frills, such as the occasion backing vocals, but the introduction to Leebone Phillips explains:
  “With a reasonable dose of unreasonable anxiety when it comes to technology, he decided to embrace his limitations and work primarily on uncomplicated recording gear. Drawing influence from the demo tapes of his favorite lo-fi artists, Leebone’s character sound is built on four-track cassette recorders, dictaphones, reel-to-reels, and even a trusty smart-phone.”

     Leebone Phillips is the performance name of Liam Eaton of Brisbane, Australia. He is a compulsive songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. “Too Lucky” is the first single of an upcoming debut EP, “A Big Long Time.

     “Too Lucky” by Leebone Phillips

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