Tuesday, September 18, 2018

“Headlights” by Chasing Illusions – A Song Feature

     Chasing Illusions enhance the texture of “Headlights” by assigning instruments to different frequency ranges, but they incorporate periodic “listening refreshes” by shining the light on other instruments while the guitars momentarily step back. Because the single was self-produced, the sophistication of the arrangement is particularly impressive.

     “Headlights” mixes an energizing high-frequency guitar hook with pounding percussion having an emphasis on the deep resonance of the kick drum. In the middle, sits the piano. The often echo-chamber vocals add to the appeal. Erasing any possibility that the listener’s attention will drift despite the skillful composition, “Headlights” includes three energy breathers. The first two (at 0:43 and 1:47) allow the piano, drums and reverberated vocals to carry the downtempo respite. The third (at 2:29) cues the piano and queues the other contributors. The song is dynamic! Lyrically, the track from Chasing Illusions relates to both social anxiety and careless abandon

     Chasing Illusions are from Saskatoon, Canada. The members are Dawson Wayne (vocals, guitar), Braden Bessel (lead guitar), Kyle Novak (bass, backing vocals), and Graham Barbier (drums). We agree with their self-description:
  “Canada’s Chasing Illusions are a sophisticated pop group who mix laid-back, jazz-influenced vocals with alternative rock instrumentation. Influenced by a range of artists, such as Frank Sinatra, The 1975, Kings Of Leon, and The Arkells. They often contrast their laid-back vocals with driving rhythm and ambient guitars.”

     “Headlights” by Chasing Illusions

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