Friday, September 21, 2018

“Jupiter” by The Racer – A Song Feature

     As their notoriety increases, so does the vocabulary used to praise The Racer. Our word is “integrity.” A couple months ago, we exchanged emails with the band regarding their single “Paris.” Our message was vague and unintentionally implied a suggestion to change the song arrangement, so as to appeal to a broader audience. The reply from The Racer was respectful and revealing. The band understands that their sound won’t have instant appeal; The Racer has undergone transformations and now resides in the Experimental genre. The band is pleased with the current outcome of its progression. Ask any band if it is true to its sound, and the answer will be a firm “Yes.” The Racer “walks the walk” and doesn’t merely "talk the talk."

     “Jupiter” is the most recent share from The Racer. The intro is propelled by the piano, with stuttering vocal input and percussion/guitar texturing. During the body of the song, the lead vocals are pure and polished, while the backing vocals are ascending. According to The Racer:
  “’Jupiter’ started out as an instrumental demo our guitarist Mike Esserman sent out to the band that we had an immediate reaction to. The feeling of the song was so strong that we started to work on it immediately. To be honest, there was a little bit of pressure to come up something great because the song had such a promising start based on the demo alone.
  The lyrics are specifically about thanking those who have supported the band over the years. Being in a band is an amazing thrill but can be very difficult to keep going.  It is very easy to let doubt slip in and destroy one’s confidence and creative will.  Over the years, there have been countless individuals who have served as saviors of this band. Whether they are family, friends, fans, or even individual bandmates they many times have gone unnamed and unacknowledged. This song is our small way of saying thank you to all those people who make us believe when we struggle to do so ourselves. They will never know how many times they have saved us.”

     The Racer is from Monroe, NY. The five members ar Pete Marotta (vocals, keys), Mike Esserman (guitar, keys), Steve Kondracki (guitar, keys), Eric Sosler (basskeys), and Mike Perri (drums, percussion).

     “Jupiter” by The Racer

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