Sunday, September 9, 2018

Picture Challenge - Identify 30 Albums

     Every few years, people with more imagination, creativity and artistic ability than us release a drawing that challenges music lovers. The drawing is a “medley” of representations (hints) of bands, albums or songs. The latest is from the good folks at Norman Records. In the below picture, 30 vinyl albums are represented. The oldest ones are from the 1960s, but the following decades are well represented. The only clue: “Iconic artwork is a common thread...”

     We confess to not doing well, but at least it wasn’t close to a shutout. We embedded duplicate versions of the artwork. The first triggers magnification, which is necessary for such images as the persons on the stage. The second will open a new window, with the image enlarged, if you click on the picture.

      ********** For the answers, CLICK HERE. **********

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     About 10 years ago, Virgin Records released the below drawing. It includes hints of more than 70 bands (Virgin said 75, but counts go as high as 83). Some are easily identified and some are near impossible. The smaller version of the drawing includes answers.
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The answers - Click to enlarge

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