Thursday, December 13, 2018

“Blood Spilling” by Rocstrong – A Song Feature

     Rocstrong is a musician from Dublin, Ireland, but only because his parents relocated from Congo DRC. His heritage surfaces in “Blood Spilling,” lyrically, rhythmically and vocally. The lead vocals hold storytelling, hip-hop sensibilities, while the backing vocals reflect the Congolese influence. It’s a powerful combination, particularly when the vocals are layered and mixed to be given equal attention.

     The percussion pays homage to the home country of Rocstrong’s parents. At times, rotund drums create low-frequency beats that would be chest-vibrating in a live setting. At other times, the rhythm of the percussion is unmistakably borrowed from the region.

     Lyrically, “Blood Spilling” is directed to the economic and political environment of Congo DRC. Rocstrong was motivated by considering how a nation that is one of the richest in terms of natural resources is the home of economically deprived people. He states,
  “For my dreams to even come close to coming true, I had to leave my home and chase it elsewhere. Greed has crippled the place that I’m from and the same will happen globally sooner or later.”

     “Blood Spilling” is a single from his 5-track EP “All On Black.” The EP was released via West One Music Group and produced by Rocstrong, Marcin Ciszczon and Keith O’Reilly. The central themes of “All On Black” are the power of money over us and the wealth disparity in today’s society.

     “Blood Spilling” by Rocstrong

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