Monday, December 17, 2018

“Choose” by Ry Jones – A Song Feature

      “Choose” is a track for days that call for an energy boost with sophistication. Yes, the single from Ry Jones uses finger snaps, handclaps, and brief whistles. Each boosts the energy. The sophistication is carried by the song arrangement, the brass and the vocals. Just after the two-minute mark, the tempo of “Choose” slows and the song is reduced to piano and vocals. The exit from downtempo is aided by the trumpet.

     Ry Jones is from Seattle but is now based in London. Quoting his bio:
  “Raised on the grunge and rock sounds of the Seattle music scene, newcomer Ry Jones has a deep-seated penchant for rich instrumentation and compelling lyrics. Jones further developed his musical influences when he moved to London to study entrepreneurship, immersing himself in the R&B and pop ruminations of Tom Misch, Mura Masa and Ben Howard. Unsatisfied with familial expectations and the prospect of a job in the corporate world, Jones dived deeper into music, but it wasn't until he met Blair MacKichan (wrote/produced Sia's "The Greatest" featuring Kendrick Lamar) that his vision for Ry Jones came to fruition.”

     In explaining “Choose,” Jones said it was “written about the crossroads we sometimes face in deciding between pursuing what we're truly passionate about and what is expected.” “Choose” is a culmination of Jones's influences, blending the raw Seattle sound with a deep London feel.

     “Choose” by Ry Jones 

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