Tuesday, December 4, 2018

“Breaking Down” by Hamish Anderson – A Song Feature

      “Breaking Down” doesn’t have a buildup, it hits the speakers running. The song from Hamish Anderson, who is fast becoming the torchbearer for the Blues Rock genre, is a start-to-finish determined warning of impeding relationship doom. Comparing the track to a community, “Breaking Down” is a town with bustle and fast-paced drive, even across its vintage bridge. The lyrics threaten to leave the town.

     Hamish Anderson lists the ”Three Kings” (Albert, BB and Freddie) among his influences, but the short-span bridge that begins at 1:51 has more of a “Johnny B. Good” feel. Toward the end of “Breaking Down,” the classic keyboards are suitable for early Greg Allman, rather than the synthesized sound that now dominates the music world. Yet, the song is fresh and millennial-relevant, not dated.

     Lyrically, the early references to the lady are in the third person – “She never cared for me, she was only playing.” There is some pronoun ambiguity before then, but the song fully commits to a pivot at 1:20, when the references are consistently in the second person – “Who else is going to be there for you when you are left all alone?” It creates the impression that the lyrics were carefully crafted with some pain. Nope, Anderson states, “The riff and lyrics came to me all at once -- so by chance it was written very quickly.”

      Hamish Anderson is from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently based in the Los Angeles area. His newest tracks are produced by seven-time Grammy winner Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Tedeschi Trucks) with drummer Johnny Radelat (Gary Clark Jr), bassist Chris Bruce (Meshell Ndegeocello), alternative bassist Aaron Stern (Curtis Harding) and organist Jerry Borge (Jonathan Wilson).

     “Breaking Down” by Hamish Anderson 

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