Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“Golden Ruin” by True Crime – A Song Feature

     True Crime deserves a longer post for their song “Golden Ruin,” but our investigative skills are lacking – couldn’t even find a Facebook page [did find a disturbing amount of content dedicated to serial killers]. Reaching out to the band, the following was received:
  “We are a goth pop and sometimes mumbling dance band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (one of the coldest cities in the world). The band started as a side project in a haunted basement, with the aim of sounding like Fleetwood Mac meets Dracula. The aim of the project is to create songs that are sexy, catchy, and that try to break through the gloom. In 2018, the band has released 29 songs as electronic EP's and singles. Expect a proper True Crime album sometime in 2019.”

     “Golden Ruin” by True Crime

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