Tuesday, December 11, 2018

“Lou Thesz Press” by The Sofas - A Song Feature

    The emphasis at Indie Obsession is upon melody, certainly more than genre. So, we ask ourselves, why the strong attraction to “Lou Thesz Press?” The second half of the song is more cacophony than melody, more pandemonium than Pandora Premium. We figure it’s the masterful build from order to chaos sitting atop the order.

     For the first two minutes of the track from Brooklyn’s The Sofas, there isn’t a sign of what is to come. The whirl and wail of the guitar are foreshadowed at 2:09, but while sitting in the background. As the song progresses, the melodic elements, particularly the vocal hums, stabilize and the guitar becomes increasingly demanding. It’s not a wall of sound; it’s more of a structure assaulted by unpredictably varying forces while being securely held in place by its stabilizing foundation.

     The members of The Sofas are Will Steakin (vocalist, guitar, songwriter), Don Lavis (drummer) and Myles Peterson (bass). They are represented by Jurassic Pop,  Cleveland’s independent record lable.

     “Lou Thesz Press” by The Sofas

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