Monday, December 24, 2018

“The Barrel Of Your Gun” and “Small Change” by Jack Ellis – Song Features

     The voice of Jack Ellis carries investment and charisma – he is fully committed to the inspiration behind each song and listeners want to join. Ellis is a vocalist/songwriter in South Wales.

     In talking about “The Barrel Of Your Gun” Ellis said, “It’s a track that was loosely inspired by the David Lynch movie ‘Wild at Heart.’ Crazy lovers on the run from an angry mother, a private detective, and a hit man tracking them down. What more do you want? So yeah, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde where everything is risked in the name of love.”

     “The Barrel Of Your Gun” by Jack Ellis

          Talking about the video for the song “Small Change,”, Ellis elaborated "Whilst the track tells us that love and life can be as painful as it can be beautiful, the video takes us a little deeper into the decisions we make about our relationships and the secrets we hold, sometimes fearing that anyone who looks at us twice must know the ‘weight’ we carry. For some, that ‘fear’ of being exposed can become an almost daring, sometimes reckless thrill".

     “Small Change” by Jack Ellis 

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