Wednesday, December 26, 2018

“Welcome” by Luego – A Song Feature

      The song is 2:40 in length, but you’ll find yourself sustaining the rhythm long after “Welcome” ends. The song by Luego has a Latin beat infused with tribal sensibilities, but perhaps that should be reversed.

     Luego is the brainchild of Patrick Phelan of Los Angeles. The Facebook page explains, “The honorable cast of musicians in Luego is representative of the quality of the material and their pursuit of excellence.” The credits for “Welcome” and its B-side track “The Man” identify:
    Patrick Phelan: Lead vocals, guitars
    Jeff Crawford: bass, guitars, synth, vocals
    Nick Jaeger: guitars
    Charles Cleaver: synth
    Joe Westerlund: Drums, percussion
    Libby Rodenbough: Violin
    Anne-Claire Niver: Vocals

     “Welcome” by Luego 


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