Friday, December 28, 2018

“Welcome Home” by Modern Violence – A Song Feature

      Modern Violence released its first single from an EP that is scheduled to drop in early 2019. “Welcome Home” compares favorably to a Bob Dylan song of the distant music-relevant past and to Sydney’s CREO of the present. Completing the timeline, the song should generate an optimistic buzz about the future of the five-member band from Jacksonville, Florida.

      We are not predicting that the song from Modern Violence will have the longevity of a Bob Dylan classic. Still, like Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” the lyrics of “Welcome Home” reflect a conversation. While the Modern Violence song doesn’t take Dylan’s question-and-answer format, both songs begin by greeting a recently returned member of the conversation. And both contain symbolic imagery about their target subject matter. “Welcome Home” is a conversation between two close friends about a toxic relationship; a conversation where best interests are at war with desires.

      Turning to the comparison with the sound of Australia’s CREO, “Welcome Home” is similarly characterized by vocals that initially draw attention when the focus is on melodic presentation and later sweep the listener into the current when the emphasis shifts to conveying the depth of emotion. The early verses of “Welcome Home” have the melodic focus, with angst becoming apparent during the chorus. The final verse is dominated by the anguished vocal persona. If you’re unfamiliar with CREO, probably the best song for the comparison is “Behind the Beat,” since it’s an “anguish crescendo” (for the Soundcloud stream, CLICK HERE).

      The appeal of “Welcome Home” is not limited to the vocals. The piano sometimes leads and other times follows the many shifts in the song. Initially, “Welcome Home” benefits from the percussive drive and when the guitar steps forward, it does so with a tasteful hook.

     The members of the Jacksonville band are Jesse Brantman, John Shannon, Jeremy Blanton, Mike VonBalson, and Bobby Marino. They explain, "Modern Violence was born out of a shared desire to create melodic emo music with a focus on brutally honest lyrics and poignant story telling."

     “Welcome Home” by Modern Violence

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