Wednesday, December 19, 2018

“Never Been Brave” by Les Biches – A Song Feature

     The melody and trumpet were the original draws to “Never Been Brave.” It wasn’t until later that we arrived at an appreciation for the lyrics. Most songs have simple-to-digest messages, because the songwriter either has limited lyrical skills or a lack of confidence in listeners (we would suffer from the former). Skillfully written lyrics may include statements that trigger a Huh?-Ohh! sequence in which the listener requires a moment to interpret the line before appreciating its expression. Just as an example, instead of merely stating “I’m not brave,” the song from Les Biches provides an illustration in Yoda-speak: “To skate the frozen lake I've never been brave.” The lyrics of “Never Been Brave” are included at the bottom of this post. 

     Les Biches (lay-bee-shez) is the moniker of Keith Joyner in Los Angeles. We wish more artists listed musicians who deserve credit for their contributions to a song:
  • Keith Joyner: Voice, Guitars, Percussion
  • Ethan Marks: Trumpets
  • Chris Skane: Bass Guitars
  • Jeff Sullivan: Drums
  • David Newton: Guitars, BVs
  • Kevin Pinnt: Percussion
  • Chris Candelaria: Percussion

     “Never Been Brave” by Les Biches

“Lyrics of “Never Been Brave” by Les Biches
We take our chances in defeat
Contest the fallacy of man
We were so ever indiscreet
Do unto others as you can
We're here to complicate the plan
Turn away from the shouting eyes

If you ever had the nerve
Resort to corners over curves
The destination is the place you stand right now
Where you wander on the verge
Of a monumental purge of the waste that you left behind

One major stroke of luck our downfall
I missed the joke and thus I've never been brave

On our way to making some decay
It's the big ideas that finish out the year in spades
And the one mistake I made
Said the owner to the slave
Fell in love with the shouting eyes

I stood beside myself on soft ground
I went for broke and still I've never been brave
I'll gauge the welfare state and resign
To skate the frozen lake I've never been brave

Finally one with the sun on the run and at our backs
In every ghost town there's the sound of the hours
I know the way beyond the next wave
Around the path to the grave
You're the one with the shouting eyes

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