Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To Kill a King, Bastille, and More - Free Download

     We have sung the praises of To Kill a King, after a comparison of the band to HBO's Dexter (CLICK HERE). Without question, To Kill a King is one of the best groups we have chanced upon over the last twelve months. Separately, we have presented a song by Bastille (CLICK HERE). Well, the two groups have worked together on "Ralph's Balcony."
     Ralph Pelleymounter is the lead man for To Kill a King. He has worked on a number of collaborations. The one that has led to some obsessiveness on our part is "Choices," which became available in December 2012. In addition to To Kill a King, it includes Emily Wood, Bastille, We Were Evergreen, The Title Sequence, Professor Penguin, Youth Imperial, Pete Bounford, Lydia Whittingham, and Amy Haynes. “Choices” begins with an acoustic guitar and Pelleymounter, then the guitar with Emily Wood, then the three together. It’s a good song for those two minutes. But it becomes blog-worthy as more instruments and voices enter. The song includes a string section and a horn section. The horns struggle at one point, but somehow that increases the attractiveness of the song.

   On Bandcamp, the song is offered for free/”name your own price.” The Bandcamp offering is below the Youtube version. It’s worth a listen and much more.

     Alternatively, including "Choices," there are 19 songs from “Ralph’s Balcony” that can be downloaded for FREE. While the additional 18 songs cannot compete with “Choices,” we like the  songs that feature Emily Wood, as well as others. Triggering the download of the large file requires some patience, but this is one of those times when patience pays off. 

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