Saturday, July 19, 2014

“Brown Eyes and All the Rest” by Carnival Youth – A Band Review

     Indie Obsessive has a friend from Latvia - Justas. A couple of months ago, Justas was one of the few people who could have named his favorite Latvian band. That has changed with the fast-growing fan base of Carnival Youth. The band is from Riga, Latvia. The four members are Roberts Vanags, Aleksis Luriņš, and twin  brothers Edgars and Emīls Kaupers.
     But maybe the problem is that Indie Obsessive has never taken the time to explore the Latvian music scene. Edgars and Emīls Kaupers are not the first ones in their family to gain international attention for membership in a Rock band. Their father, Renārs, is the lead singer of Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm), which started in 1989 and is still active. We listened to some of the music of Brainstorm in preparation for this post, and it was solid. Nevertheless, we prefer Carnival Youth.

     “Brown Eyes and All the Rest” by Carnival Youth

     “Octupus” by Carnival Youth

     “Seasons” by Carnival Youth

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