Saturday, July 12, 2014

Talking to Turtles – A Band Review

     Last August, in a “Just for fun quiz,” Indie Obsessive challenged readers to identify the home region of Tape Junk, a band with a song we enjoyed and a sound that belies its origin. Well, Talking to Turtles is a band with a song we love and with a sound that belies its German origin.
     The song is “Passenger Seat,” but discovery of the song led to time well spend in exploring previous releases. The core members of Talking to Turtles are Claudia Göhler and Florian Sievers. The German duo considers both Rostock and Leipzig as its "Hometown," since they started in Rostock and are now based in Leipzig.
     In our minds, the feature that distinguishes the sound of Talking to Turtles is the endearing harmonization of Sievers’ often “quirky” vocals and Göhler’s soothing voice. But there are other reasons to appreciate the approach of Talking to Turtles. In “Passenger Seat,” the cadence is sometimes unpredictable, such as during the lyric starting at 0:32, “We’re stickers……too.” The instrumentation is not complex, but it is well crafted. The lyrics are interesting and well considered; we like the line about singing to “Naked as We Came” (Iron and Wine) after listening to audio books while traveling along.

      “Passenger Seat" by Talking to Turtles

      “Talking to Sir Simon..." by Talking to Turtles

       “Short Stories Long" by Talking to Turtles

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