Sunday, July 20, 2014

“With the Night in our Eyes” by Tyburn Saints – a Song Review

     Tyburn Saints is a Brooklyn-based band with either five or six members, depending upon whether you trust the band’s website or its Facebook page. We’re in favor of giving credit, so the six are Johnny Gimenez (vocals and guitars), Chappy (keys), William McCormack (bass), Justin Lomery (guitar and vocals), Micky Savage (drums), and Andrew Reed (guitar and vocals).
     Quoting their press material, “Tyburn Saints fully embrace the sonic landscapes of shoegaze and dream-pop, with blankets of warmth ushered in by Cocteau Twins-esque guitars (similar also to LSD and the Search for God or The Bethany Curve) juxtaposed against the intelligible, meaningful vocals of lead singer Johnny Gimenez.”
         We aren’t ready to be fully on-board with that assessment. But Indie Obsessive does agree that the guitars distinguish Tyburn Saints from music we enjoy but don’t introduce to the blog. For example, “With the Night in Our Eyes” is good, but not blogworthy until that “final” guitar sound enters at 4:13. It was that guitar that caused us to replay the song at least once a day for weeks.

     “With the Night in Our Eyes” by Tyburn Saints

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