Saturday, July 12, 2014

Late Night Television – Just Having a Good Time

     Indie Obsessive is a fan of late night television opportunities to see bands perform, which explains the weekly updates in the column to the left. Still, we haven’t promoted appearances that we enjoy well enough to watch multiple times. Here are a few that we enjoyed because of the combination of good music and great energy.

     First, is the return trip of the Orwells to David Letterman. During the original appearance, the Orwells were prepared for the performance of the song, but not for the request of an encore. The first video is from the first visit, which occurred on January 15, 2014 (hilarious ending after seeing the performance). The second occurred months later.  

The “bonus track” happened in late June. Paul enters at 2:55.

     We never grow tired of this visit of Future Islands to the Letterman show.

     The most entertaining performance of this last week was the one by Nico & Vinz on the Jimmy Kimmel show. This isn’t normally “Indie Obsessive music,” but the energy level and the band’s chemistry makes the difference. Nico & Vinz is a Norwegian duo composing Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery.

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