Saturday, July 26, 2014

“Get Hurt” by The Gaslight Anthem – A Song Review

     This week, The Gaslight Anthem released ”Get Hurt,” the title track from their upcoming album. Indie Obsessive is “all in.” That is, we love the song and look forward to hearing the rest of the album.
     Almost all Indie bloggers seem to have been formed from the same mold. Indie Obsessive admits to having emerged from that mold. There is a thrill in tracking a band if it progresses from the status of near-unknown to the status of being a success. But after that success is achieved, the interest in the band drops dramatically. Certainly, one reason for the drop is that the thrill of the hunt is gone. But another reason is that second and subsequent albums are normally not as good as debut albums. There isn’t a shortage of theories as to why debut albums are often far superior to a band’s later work (for example, the songwriter of the band is no longer experiencing the type of hardships that motivated the early work). But the strengths and weaknesses of the theories are for a different post.
     Gaslight Anthem doesn’t break the mold. But for us, Gaslight Anthem is a band in a category with few other bands. With each album, we appreciate their work more. A touch of Punk, which is not our favorite. A touch of the late 1950’s/early 1960s, not our favorite. Importantly, The Gaslight Anthem doesn’t stand in one place. Our "album of preference" is their previous one – “Handwritten" from 2012.
     Nevertheless, we weren’t prepared for the song “Get Hurt.” The emotional depth exceeds anything from the band’s past. We will add the Soundcloud version of the song when Gaslight Anthem provides one. Until then, here’s the Youtube version. 

     “Get Hurt"

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