Friday, July 18, 2014

Pop Times Three – Priory, Wolf Gang, and Sailor & I

     Indie Obsessive posts gravitate toward the number three. Consistent with that gravitational pull, here are three Indie Pop bands and their music.

     Hell yeah I just got paid. It’s time to get this started.” Now there’s a theme for a Pop anthem. And it’s the “Weekend” says Priory. The band is a Portland duo formed of Kyle Sears and Brandon Rush (presumably not the Brandon Rush we just signed a multi-million dollar contract to play basketball for the Golden State Warriors).
     The features that we particularly enjoy in “Weekend” include:
     1. The cooperation between the guitar and percussion that is first heard at the 0:31 mark of the song.
     2. The addition of the choir, which is first introduced at the 0:48 mark.
     3. The switch in who functions as the “lead singer” half way through the song. 

     “Weekend” by Priory

     Another force that exerts a pull on Indie Obsessive is the use of horns within Indie songs, particularly if it’s a trumpet. Wolf Gang is a London band that has released “Ghost in My Life.” The trumpet plays a minor role during the first portion of the song, but is instrumental (yes, weak pun intended) in the steady energy build that starts at 2:10.
     The members of Wolf Gang are Max McElligott, James Wood, Gavin Slater and Lasse Petersen.
     “Ghost in My Life” by Wolf Gang

     The third song is “Turn Around” from Stockholm’s Sailor & I. The song incorporates strings very effectively.
     “Turn Around” by Sailor & I

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