Friday, July 11, 2014

Graveyard Has Come Alive

     Currently, we are exhibiting some obsessive behavior toward “Graveyard Whistling” by Nothing But Thieves. Briefly, the song is brilliantly arranged, skillfully mixed, and appealingly performed. “Graveyard Whistling” uses some processing “tricks,” such as the muffling that occurs from 2:35 to 2:56, but the tricks are secondary features which add to, rather than distracting from, the song.
     Nothing But Thieves is based in Essex, Britain. The members are Conor Mason (vocals), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitars), Dom Craik (guitars), Price (drums) and Phil (bass).
     “Graveyard Whistling” by Nothing But Thieves

     Obsessive behavior toward a song often translates to exploration. In this case, we started looking at other songs tied to the term “Graveyard.” There was plenty of Hard Rock!!! I guess that makes sense. But other genres were represented.
     There were a number of candidate songs by Graveyard Lovers, a Brooklyn-based Grunge Rock band. But we concluded that the strength of the band is “group vocals,” and we love the 3:37 mark (et seq.) of “Working for the Company.”

     Yes, it’s a few years old, but Airborne Toxic Event is heading our way this summer, so all their music has 2014 relevance. So, “The Graveyard near the House.”


      Arriving in the Synth Pop genre, we find “The Night Is Mine,” which was released this week by Graveyard Club. The band claims Minneapolis, Minnesota as its hometown. At least for a while, they are generously offering the song as a free download.

     Hey, we like driving guitar. Look out for this – “Graveyard” by LVL UP, which is something of a superband (Sirs and Spook Houses).

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