Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Filligar - Touring Again

      Filligar has been busy since the 2013 tour that included a visit to San Francisco. The band is now based in Los Angeles. Still, the upcoming tour includes a performance at Lincoln Hall in "hometown Chicago." More important to its fan base (which includes Indie Obsessive), Filligar is gearing up for a 2014 album release. The first single is “Motor Shine.”
     Compared to the Filligar songs that originally attracted our attention to the quartet, “Motor Shine” has a greater reliance on vocals. For example, “New Local” begins with an isolated concert-hall piano sound, but quickly shows its instrument-driven Rock roots. On the other hand, “Motor Shine” gives indications that it will burst into a guitar-based Rock finish, but the urge remains restrained. Thus, a steady cadence leading to the 2:54 mark is energized slightly by the lead guitar stepping forward momentarily. Another tease occurs at the 3:33 mark. It’s the versatility of being able to deliver on both “New Local” and “Motor Shine” that generates an optimism regarding the live performances of Filligar.

    The July portion of the Filligar tour is pasted below. The band will be at the Milk Bar in San Francisco on Friday (July 11). The Bad Jones and A House for Lions will open the show. Tickets can be purchased at

     The four members of Filligar are Casey Gibson and three brothers – Johnny, Teddy and Pete Mathias. The press material of the band notes:
    "The U.S. Department of State recently honored Filligar with an appointment as cultural ambassadors as part of the Arts Envoys program, which "shares the best of the U.S. arts community with the world." They have travelled to Azerbaijan, Kuwait, and Guyana for performance and music workshops as part of the program."

     “Motor Shine” by Filligar

          “New Local” by Filligar - This is an appropriate title for a song by a band that relocated from Chicago to LA

          “Photos of Madrid” by Filligar - this is currently offered as a free download

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