Monday, May 4, 2015

“Burn with Me” by Whilk and Misky – A Song Review

     There is no denying it now, we are in a phase of increased appreciation for the genres that fuse Electronica with either or both of Folk and Blues. It probably started with Milky Chance, but the momentum became forceful with “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell and “Money Can’t Buy” by the band Howard.
     It’s time to add another song at the top of the list. Whilk and Misky released “Burn with Me” in early April. The duo is from London and they seem to prefer first names only. Charlie provides the vocals and Nima is the guitarist. In terms of influences, Charlie brings the Soul, while Nima is Techno.  

      “Burn with Me” by Whilk and Misky

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