Thursday, May 14, 2015

“So Rewind” by Narrow Plains – A Song Review

     For us, “So Rewind” is similar to a specialty at a particular restaurant (or a specialty beer at a particular bar) that we repeatedly decide to tell others about, but it doesn’t happen. “So Rewind” has been on our list of blogworthy songs more than once. Well, we recently went to the Facebook page of Narrow Plains and saw that the banner announces that the song is the “new single from Narrow Plains.” We’re all about “new songs,” so it’s time to share. Finally!

     “So Rewind” is an acoustic blend of Folk and Rock presented by a trio from London. The song starts as a series of introductions. Initially, it’s the gentle play of an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar. The bass belongs to Roger Connick. After a short time, the voice of Charlie Ferriday enters, who we presume is also on the guitar. The percussion of Roger's brother, Stuart Connick, arrives to increase the song's energy level at 0:41. But the most attractive feature doesn’t surface until the song is in full force. It’s the cooperation among the voices of the three members that separates “So Rewind” from the pack. The attractiveness of the cooperation is most apparent starting at the 3:05 mark of the song.

     “So Rewind” by Narrow Plains

     “Running to Your Door” by Narrow Plains

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