Monday, May 11, 2015

Gang of Youths – A Band Review

      Gang of Youths is a Sydney-based band that may be affecting our appreciation for the music from the solo project by Brandon Flowers, the frontman of The Killers. We started paying attention to the Australian band just before Flowers began releasing songs, and while we are fans of those releases, we find ourselves gravitating away after a few listens. The qualities of Flowers’ vocals to which we are normally drawn are qualities that are at least matched by David Leaupepe of Gang of Youths – and we prefer the greater slant toward Rock in the songs from Gang of Youths.
      The core of Gang of Youths is David Leaupepe (lead vocals), Joji Malani (guitar), Jung Kim (guitar and keys) and Max Dunn (bass). When a drummer is identified, the name is Samuel O’Donnell. It’s a band that was formed from early friendships (which is likely the source of the band name). But there is a somberness to many of their songs, which reflects the emotional experiences as Leaupepe went through four years with a women having terminal cancer.

      “Evangelists” by Gang of Youths – this one is from 2014, but is probably the best introduction to the skills of the band.

     “Radioface” by Gang of Youths

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  1. saw them on rage,so glad i grew up with bands like dragon richard clapton,saints ect feel sorry for kids today.