Thursday, May 7, 2015

“Somewhere Along the Line” by Brothers – A Song Review

     Quick: What’s your favorite band formed of four brothers? Until last month, we were aware of only one band that qualified. Kongos is a four-brother band we enjoy, since all four members contribute to the vocals and they provide an attractive balance between Rock and Pop. An “attractive balance” is one with a greater emphasis on the Rock.  
     A second entry comes from Athens, Greece. Fittingly, the name of the band is Brothers. And they have an even more attractive balance (that is, a much greater emphasis on the Rock). The members are Bill Aronidis (lead vocals, guitar), Damian Aronidis (keyboards, piano, backing vocals), Kosmas Aronidis (bass, backing vocals) and Elias Aronidis (drums, backing vocals). Yes, all four contribute vocally.
     “Somewhere Along the Line” takes advantage of the strengths of the band. Certainly, Brothers has a lead singer. But it’s the collection of voices that sets the song apart from others we find interesting. For example, at the 2:33 mark of the song, the backing voice is easily distinguishable from the lead, as the suddenly higher and somewhat more anguished backing is effective in creating the intended “feel” to the song. Then, at the 3:14 mark, it becomes evident that another strength is the drumming skills of Elias.

     “Somewhere Along the Line” by Brothers

     “Hearing the Breeze” by Brothers


A short bio from Brothers:
-In 2011, we were announced winners of the “Bon Jovi Group Contest” and had the pleasure to be the opening band for the Bon Jovi Concert in Athens, receiving critical acclaim for our performance.

-In that period, our band attracted interest from greek music labels and eventually signed with The Sound Of Everything Records, a part of Universal Greece Ltd. Our first album gained regular radio airplay in Greece, while our band became quite popular, appearing on numerous television and radio shows and giving interviews to the press.

-In 2013, we started a collaboration with the Los Angeles based film composer Alexis Grapsas, working with him on the production of our upcoming album. At this time, we recorded an EP album under the title “Somewhere Along The Line”, composed of “digital” guitar licks, distorted guitar chords, fuzzy synths, big-sounding drums and dramatic vocals, creating a cinematic atmosphere.

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