Friday, May 15, 2015

“Petrified Heart” by MT WARNING – A Song Review

     MT WARNING identifies its genre as “storytelling.” So, it isn’t surprising that in trying to get the backstory on the song “Petrified Heart,” and the EP to which it lends its title, we found the description:
     This is an invitation to come into the world of my new EP ‘Petrified Heart.’ It’s a letter, an apology, an affirmation and a commitment to LOVE. Yep. A note of remembrance and celebration of that dire human trait.”
     The song “Petrified Heart” was released in 2014, but only recently became available on Soundcloud.  
     “Petrified Heart” begins with vocals having a simple, but very effective, piano accompaniment. The simplicity is in contrast to the high level of stereo processing that comes into play later in the song. Often, we find the speaker-to-speaker interplay undesirable, because it is distracting and sometimes used manipulatively. In “Petrified Heart,” it works!

      MT WARNING is based in New South Wales, Australia. The name is taking from Mount Warning, which is said to be the first place that sunlight hits Australia each morning. the music is primarily Mikey Bee, but Taylor Steele provides the production.

     “Midnight Dawn” by MT WARNING

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