Friday, May 8, 2015

Pop Heavy with No Apologies

     This post is the latest within a semi-regular series dedicated to the Pop genre. Two of the three songs are arguably a slightly better fit within another genre, but we’re comfortable with their qualifications for this post.

     Avalanche City is the performance name of Dave Baxter of Auckland, New Zealand. The song “Inside Out” travels along with a positive energy, despite its negative message about a relationship. Then, the horns enter at the 2:39 mark of the song to move “Inside Out” from the category of being entertaining to one of being blogworthy. The song is the first release from the upcoming album “‘We Are for the Wild Places.”
     “Inside Out” by Avalanche City

     Cape Cub is also a singer/songwriter. He seems to prefer staying with that pseudonym over the name on his passport. His song “Swim” resides less firmly in the Pop genre than the previous release (“Lantern”), and both are emotive, but “Swim” is taking residence in this blog post because we want to share the song sooner, rather than later.
     Cape Cub is based in North East, U.K. 
     "Swim" by Cape Cub

     This is the second visit of Montoya to Indie Obsessive. The band is based in Paris, France. Montoya is led by Cécilla Bonnet (vocals) and Hugo Rattoray (guitar).
     "We Are on the Hill" by Montoya

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