Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rezlow Flying under the Radar

     We received an email from someone (Ruth A. R****) who asked how we discovered Rezlow, “since they seem to be flying under the radar.” Fact is, we don’t remember the source of the initial connection with the band, even though it was only about two months ago. But the email restarted the thinking around why some bands just don’t get the traction they deserve. Rezlow is a band that deserves far more attention
     In our first post about Rezlow, we noted that it’s risky to release a seven-minute song with a long introduction ("Where We Are"). Too often, a listener will migrate to another song before hearing a segment that makes the difference in the appreciation of the long song. Past experiences have shown us to have made that mistake. 

         The members of Rezlow are Terry Sutton (vocals), Barry McCarthy (drums), Brendan O’Regan (guitar), Cillian O’Regan (guitar) and  Conor O’Regan (bass). They originate from Kerry and Dublin, Ireland.
     Hey guys, we’re visiting Dublin in the first few days of July. Any chance you’ll be performing????

     “Where You Are” is now on Soundcloud. The song is in our “Top Five” of 2015. The features we appreciate include:
    1. The crescendo at 5:25
    2. The gentle but very effective guitar that starts at 3:11
    3. The piano interlude that starts at 4:11.     

     Another Rezlow song we enjoy is “Lazarus.”


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  1. Thanks so much for the blog piece! Unfortunately, we wont be live in Dublin in July! We are performing in London in August to coincide with our new release 'People Are Amazing' - so until then, we are focused on the studio!