Thursday, May 28, 2015

“God Forsaken Land” by Sakia – A Song Review

     If you share our appreciation for songs that seemingly gain momentum throughout a period of three minutes, we can help each other onto the bandwagon of Sakia. The song “God Forsaken Land” is driven by the percussion (particularly the kick drum) from the start until the final fifteen seconds. But as the percussion leads the listener along, other features are added. With each addition, the song gets stronger. The bass, the lead guitar, the band vocals (at 1:40) – inertia is not allowed to prevent the momentum build. That doesn’t change until the final fifteen seconds, when the message is presented with only guitar accompaniment:
"Come and take my hand,
No need to understand."

Sakia is based in Seinäjoki/Helsinki, Finland. The six members are Juho Mäntylä, Matti Perälä, Mikko Kivistö, Petri Haakana, Timo Mäkelä and Ville Rantamäki.

     “God Forsaken Land” by Sakia

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