Saturday, May 23, 2015

“Rituals” by Other Lives – An Album “Preview”

     At least for now, Other Lives is allowing free downloads of a three-track album sampler. The sampler includes “Reconfiguration,” our favorite track from the recent album release, “Rituals.”
     Other Lives is a nomadic band, if you rely on their social media content. Their Facebook page identifies Stillwater, Oklahoma as the hometown, their Soundcloud page cites Los Angeles as the band’s base, and their website gives Portland as the city in which they have settled. We are confident in stating that the band started in Stillwater and is now based in Portland.
     The members of Other Lives are Jesse Tabish (piano, guitar, lead vocals), Jonathon Mooney (piano,violin, guitar, percussion, trumpet), and Josh Onstott (bass, keys, percussion, guitar, backing vocals).
     The embedded Noisetrade capability allows the three songs to be downloaded for the “price” of an email address (tips are appreciated). Because Soundlcloud allows previewing by jumping within the song, we also embedded the Soundcloud version of “Reconfiguration.” 

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