Saturday, May 9, 2015

“Island” by Bel Esprit – A Song Review

      We don’t pretend to be sure of the message of the song "Island," while that message is sung with almost a slow talk approach.
It’s all over the news
I read it in the papers
But I don’t believe
The truth
Do you self prescribe
Benzedrine, amphetamine
To help you concentrate
How can your shoulders
Still bear that weight?
Do you live on an island?
Do you care about your island?
Do you see me on your island?
Your island in the sea

On your island in the sea

     What we know is that we enjoy the vocal and instrumental style of “Island” by Bel Esprit. The band is based in Southhampton, U.K. The four members of Bel Esprit are Billy Herklots, Fahad Siddiqui, George Wardley and Sachin Croker.


      Every music lover probably has a few experiences in which a song is started with no doubt who the band is – no doubt until notes leave the speakers. Despite having gone through it before, those first notes cause some confusion. “Wait, didn’t I hit the ‘play arrow’ for the song by ….?”
     “Lose My Mind” by Bel Esprit creates that doubt for us, but only for a few seconds, as the song soon heads in a very different direction. It’s the drum intro of “Lose My Mind.” It reminds us of a guilty pleasure – Tied Up in Nottz” by Sleaford Mods.

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