Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brothers Vinyl - Releasing 365 Songs in 365 Days

     If you visit the website of Brothers Vinyl, you’ll see the stated objective:
This year we are focusing on redefining what life can be like if you spend every day of your life doing what you love. We are releasing 365 songs this year, every one of them written and recorded in 2015.  Life is short and should be lived in passion and devotion. Find what you love and never hold back.”

     Reflecting on the objective, we become sheepish. At the start of each year, the team at Indie Obsessive sets the informal goal of posting one review per day. We have yet to reach 365 posts in a year. And it’s much easier to write a review of someone else’s music than it is to write the music. Additionally, it’s much easier to embed reviewed music into a post than it is for the bands to generate that music, even after the songs are written.
     Brothers Vinyl’s name for the project is “More Days Like This.” The name is consistent with the original motivation – after a rewarding day of recording a song, the attitude is that there should be “more days like this.” A careful explanation of the project is available at Rad Austin Magazine – CLICK HERE.
     The band has four members, namely Kyle Seigel (vocals, guitar), James Gibson (guitar, vocals), Kyle Hayes (bass) and Josh Drew (drums). For a number of the songs in the project, contributions are made by others.
     As of today, Brothers Vinyl have released 216 songs as part of “More Days Like This.” We became aware of the project a few days ago, at song #213. If you're interested in tracking the progress of the project, just bookmark the Soundcloud page of Brothers Vinyl:
     As evidence that Brothers Vinyl are taking this seriously and are producing attractive music, embedded below is #213, entitled “A Mighty Hand.” The start of the vocals has a Modest Mouse feel to it, but the song goes in a different direction. 

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  1. wonderful sound. The Brothers Vinyl are the group to watch. Best of luck to this great group.